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What if i have came to this realisation too late.
Everything that i am doing, will have memories of you in it.

I hope not.

Do no believe in what you see

People change as time goes by
It hits me the most now

She's not as pure as she seems
She gave in to temptations

She's not as independent as she seems
She needs to be loved

She's not as nice as she seems
She wants the best for herself

everyone change
some way or another
whether they are willing or not

most of the time they are willing to



Have you ever felt lost in the world of commitments?
All your time are spent on the commitments,
till you lose your sense of time
your schedule
your mind
and your life.

And at the end of the day,
you question if all these are worth the while.

Sorry friends,
Those who i have hurt

all because of my stupid commitments.
which i thought were important.

But i realised that nothing can be more important than you guys
who have been there for me
throughout all these while


She wanted to hold his hand,
for comfort,
for warmth in the cold.
But he didn't let her.
For fear of the judgement of others.

She broke down.

For all these while...she's just a disgrace to him.

After all the wasted feelings.

He told her he hates sharing,
She promised not to.
But he's shared.
Among many.

Such contradictions.

So you would be the last

She lies on her bed, at midnight.
A blade on her hand,
tears drop falling,
with hair all over her face.
She was wearing her favorite dress.
The one she wore when she first saw you.
Listening to the song that belonged to them.
She slit her wrist,
Dying with her last thought:
This shall be my promise, you will be my last. Now that you have left me, it's the only way for me to fulfill this promise.
With that, her eyes closed.
Shutting out the heartless world.

it kinda hurts to be listening to this

maybe... we are really of complete different league?



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